Gopher Deterrent

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gopher deterrent Are you buying mole repellents to save your lawn? Don't until you read this. Mole repellents will not get rid of moles in your yard. Moles will just move 20 feet away and come back after they get used to vibrations. Do you know how much area coverage mole repellents provide? They...

gopher deterrent

gopher deterrent 6 Dec 2011 ... A gopher hole. Use a repellent. Repellents are not as effective as other methods. In a glass jar mix 1/2 cup of Castor oil, 1 teaspoon of Tabasco ...

gopher deterrent

gopher deterrent 8 Jan 2009 ... An organic green natural way to rid your garden and property of gophers.

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images gopher deterrent Gopher deterrent wire mesh and fence - keep gophers out of your lawn & garden.

gopher deterrent

video gopher deterrent 21 Dec 2010 ... Gophers can be excluded from your garden and lawn by using wire mesh.

gopher deterrent

gopher deterrent

pic gopher deterrent All Natural Guaranteed Gopher Repellent For Your Garden or Flowerbed.

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I have twice now seen Paul James from Gardening by the Yard claim that castor oil works as a deterrent to gophers. I'm naturally skeptical ... picture gopher deterrent

gopher deterrent

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Spellfire Says:
April 10 , 2011

gopher deterrent Available in collar form or as discreet stand-alone units, these devices are activated by the sound of barking. They emit an irritating noise that only dogs can hear, every time they bark. The noise, while not harmful, is so abhorrent to dogs that they stop barking immediately. As soon as your open house is over, you can turn the device off and enjoy a pleasant conversation with your pooch.

Hugidora Says:
March 10 , 2011

Organic animal deterrents, Natural pest control. ... flee the region. It effectively repels underground moles, shrews, gophers, groundhogs, field mice and squirrels. gopher deterrent

Landaundefined Says:
April 15 , 2011

There are many dangers that sometimes lurk around our gardens and gardening area. But many are unseen dangers. Sometimes it helps to have a guide to these unseen dangers. gopher deterrent

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