Gopher Snake

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gopher snake Gopher snakes probably have the best temperament of all snakes in this pet class. They are also known as good feeders and don't need any special housing. They readily eat frozen mice or rats. Because of these good qualities the gopher snake will make a great pet snake especially for a beginner.

gopher snake

gopher snake The Pacific Gopher Snake (Pituophis catenifer catenifer) is a species of large colubrid snake native to the western coast of the United States.

gopher snake

gopher snake It is currently considered a subspecies of the gopher snake (Pituophis catenifer). ... This makes them among the largest US snakes, although generally not as ...

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images gopher snake The Gopher Snake is a handsome species commonly found in the hot, dry interior of B.C. The subspecies present in B.C. is the “Great Basin” Gopher Snake .

gopher snake

video gopher snake 18 Dec 2009 ... Gopher snakes are related to pine and bull snakes. Found throughout North America and Mexico, there are eight known subspecies, of which ...

gopher snake

gopher snake

pic gopher snake 27 Mar 2007 ... Gopher Snake swallows adult rabbit in Arizona by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

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Species description, photo and/or distribution map: Gopher Snake Pituophis melanoleucus. picture gopher snake

gopher snake

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Zaron Says:
April 25 , 2011

gopher snake The gopher snake is the ideal pet for a snake collector especially a beginner. They have great temperament along with being easy to care for & feed. They don't appear to have any major problems as a pet. If you are thinking of getting a pet snake you won't go wrong in choosing a gopher snake as your first pet.

Arcanecaster Says:
March 9 , 2011

In British Columbia, the small population of Gopher Snakes is found primarily in the dry valleys of the southern portion of the province. Human development has ... gopher snake

Painbreaker Says:
April 8 , 2011

When people think of the desert, they typically think of only the rattlesnake as being present there. In reality, there are a number of snakes that are capable of inflicting harm that live in the desert. They come in various shapes and sizes but all are capable of doing damage if not to an adult then at least to children. gopher snake

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